9 Things I’m Loving Right Now About New Motherhood

Published: June 28, 2017


  1. Making a mimosa and walking laps in the house with Baby G in the stroller to stay out of the heat.

  2. Buying a bomb-ass pair of shoes to get motivated about exercising again.

  3. When Baby G starts sleeping in her crib like a Big Girl and needing to announce this in the morning meeting at work.

  4. Wanting to hug whoever’s responsible for the pre-prepped fresh food situation at my neighborhood grocery store.

  5. When Baby G makes it through an evening without a teething fit and I actually get to finish dinner AND an entire episode of a show.

  6. Sunglasses on babies ….. Like hats on cats.

  7. Deconstructing Doc McStuffins on a Saturday morning and deciding I support its intersectional feminism in cartoon form.

  8. Baby and furbaby asleep cuddled up with me while I catch up on my stories.

  9. Fancy beer samples and Silicon Valley on lock for Date Night with my love.

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  • I was looking for your detergent post from the #fdflinkparty, but this is a great post, too! BTW, I totally love mimosas… I have an entire post dedicated to a killer Mimosa bar. (It’s actually one of the links I’m promoting in that link party!)

    Also feeling the intersectional feminism of Doc McStuffins. But now they’ve turned it into Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital, which removes her parents as characters. I loved that their dad was a stay at home Dad and Mom had a career. Alas, we’ll have to find that in the re-runs.

  • Sarah says:

    Haha – yes, I used the wrong link. I’m still new to the link party thing. 😉 I wasn’t aware the parents aren’t part of the show anymore – that’s too bad! Thanks for stopping by Chryssy. 🙂

  • You’ve totally got me craving a mimosa now! The twins are two months old, so we’ve worked out something close enough to a schedule that allows me to pump and enjoy some Rose on occasion . . . but my new goal has to be figuring out a way to enjoy a mimosa some day soon.

    Is it still considered “new motherhood” if the babies are numbers 4 and 5? If so, I will say that I’m loving my wrap this time around. My friend gave me an imitation Moby wrap and it is so much more comfortable than the carrier we received way back with our first baby. It allows me to get things done while snuggling with one baby. The boys end up taking turns – when one gets fussy, he gets to ride around on mommy . . . then we switch 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    Those wraps really saved me in the beginning. I had an off-brand Boba wrap that I swore by for awhile there. You know, I guess all this stuff isn’t exclusive to “new motherhood”. Sounds like you get to experience it all over again with every addition! 😉

  • M Caroline says:

    Oh, I completely understand about the shoes! Not much gets me more motivated that a great pair of footwear, lol! And yes to Doc McStuffins. My hubby was a stay-at-home Dad, and this was one of the only shows on TV that had a competent, loving stay at home Dad that they could relate to!

  • This sounds like a lot of great reasons to love motherhood right now. Motherhood is going to lead to so many new and wonderful things that you’re going to love throughout the years.
    Crystal Green recently posted…9 Tips on How to Be Ruthless with TimeMy Profile

  • Sarah says:

    That’s awesome that your hubby was a stay-at-home dad! My hubs is home more now these days than before, and it’s been so wonderful.

  • Sarah says:

    Thanks Crystal – that’s wonderful to hear! 🙂

  • Tin says:

    Haha I was drinking Nanny State IPA beers (they’re non alcoholic) with dinner last night, craving a cocktail and the ability to eat an entire meal without interruption.
    Lovely post! I’m returning to work soon so your point about proudly announcing milestones in meetings made me giggle!

  • Sarah says:

    Hahah – yes everybody at works hears everything the minute it happens. Thanks Tin. 🙂

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