Best Detergent for Cloth Diapers

best detergent for cloth diapers

I remember before having my baby, everyone mentioned how it was important to use the best detergent for cloth diapers,. There were several names thrown around. However, no one mentioned what type to use particularly for heavy duty jobs like cloth diapers.

Cloth diapers are pricey, there’s just no getting around it. That’s why it’s important that you use the best detergent available to get the most bang out of your buck. Here’s a list of what detergents I think are best for cloth diapers.

Best Detergent for Cloth Diapers

Name/Image Learn MoreBrandRatingDimensionsWeight
Charlie’s Soap

Charlie’s Soap

view pricesfull reviews Charlie’s Soap4.5 Star Average Rating 5 x 5 x 5 inches2.7 pounds


view pricesfull reviews Puracy4.5 Star Average Rating 2.8 x 2.8 x 10.6 inches1.6 pounds
Rockin’ Green

Rockin’ Green

view pricesfull reviews Rockin’ Green4.5 Star Average Rating Unavailable45 oz

Rockin’ Green

Rockin’ Green comes recommended as an Amazon’s Choice product so this has to be good stuff. It is also listed on cloth diaper retailer FuzziBunz website as a recommended detergent. Let’s check out why Rockin’ Green is best detergent for cloth diapers.

First off, this detergent is fragrance-free which makes it great for sensitive baby skin. It is also highly concentrated so you don’t have to use a ton to get the job done. With it being so concentrated, this is also a good detergent for those with HE washer machines. Another pro about this detergent is that it’s environmentally friendly. It is plant-based and contains no phosphates, bleach, dyes, fragrances, optical brighteners, parabens and SLS / SLES. If that isn’t enough it’s also vegan, gluten free, biodegradable, and has never been tested on animals.

I would like to mention that it does come in different scents such as Lavender Mint Revival, Motley Clean, Smashing Watermelons, and AC/DSea Breeze if you’re looking for a detergent with an extra umph! It is also reasonably priced at $20 for 90 loads (45 oz) .Puracy Natural Liquid Detergent. The great news about Rockin’ Green is that it really works. It’s not a magical product but it does it’s job. For example, sometimes you still have to rewash some of your cloth diapers but it is significantly less times compared to other detergents.

What people love most about Rockin’ Green is that they have different strengths based on the type of water that you have. This is definitely a unique selling point because based on where you live in the country, your water is going to different. It’s another sure fire way to be sure that the detergent works to the best of its capability. This detergent is great for sensitive skin with the fragrance-free option but does have other scents available. The only downside here is that the scent is not as vibrant compared to traditional detergents.

Puracy Natural Liquid Detergent

This is an Amazon Best Seller so it’s definitely the choice of the people. Similar to Rockin’ Green, Puracy is environmentally friendly but priced lower at $15 with the ability to clean a 96 loads. You only have to use ¼ of an ounce per load to get your clothes clean. That means that a bottle of this detergent will last you a long time. 96 loads per 25 oz bottle to be exact, making it a great contender for best detergent for cloth diapers.

How do you get ¼ of an ounce though? This detergent uses a pump top rather than the usual cap and top method to measure. This makes this significantly less messy to use while allowing you to get all of the product into the washer rather than having residue in a top. 1 pump is enough for a small load in a HE washer. 2 pumps for a regular/large load in a HE washer. You use the most at 4 pumps for a regular load in a standard washer.

They have a free & clear version but offer a scent if you’re interested. Formerly known as Sandalwood & Rose, the new scent is Fresh Linen and will leave your clothes smelling fresh! The ingredients are a little different for this detergent too. While plant based, it also features coconut-based cleansers. This is also a company with a cause. For every Puracy purchase, they donate natural and organic products to less fortunate children and families through organizations such as Ronald McDonald House, Austin Children’s Shelter, and many others. Each bottle also features artwork from a local artist in the Austin, Texas area.

For Puracy, people love that it is greywater and septic tank safe.This is definitely the choice of people who are conscious about what they are putting down their pipes. Similar to Rockin’ Green, the scented version isn’t very strong but people say that Puracy serves it purpose by actually working to get clothes clean. The downside to Puracy is that you have to watch what temperature you have the bottle in. Some users have reported that the detergent got thick and hard to pump when it was cold. This can definitely slow you down if you’re in a rush so use caution here.


Charlie’s Soap

Ranked as an Amazon’s Best Seller, Charlie’s Soap is sure to get the job done! It’s environmentally safe and very well priced, making it best detergent for cloth diapers.

The difference between this detergent and the others listed, is that it comes in a powder form. Not to fear, it doesn’t leave any residue on your clothes and is still effective in removing stains. Just like the other detergents listed, it is is environmentally friendly while protecting sensitive skin such as your baby’s bottom. It is also the cheapest option out of all of the detergents listed here at $15 for 100 loads. It also doesn’t come in other scents compared to the others. This is a detergent company that is solely focused on what the detergent can do and doesn’t boast about a lot of frills and thrills.

Charlie’s Soap proves to be hit-or-miss for some people which isn’t surprising based off the price and the general description of the product. Some people love it and take it just as it – an environmentally friendly product that lightly cleans. Others criticize it because it doesn’t do what traditional detergents like Tide does. In simple terms, if you want the cheapest option choose Charlie’s Soap. If you want a detergent with a few more scent options and is designed really cool, wash with Rockin’ Green. If you’re looking for something to simply get the job down without using a lot of product while supporting people, choose Puracy.

What did stand out to me, were people’s raving reviews on how it worked in conjunction with their front loading washing machines. Many users said that they no longer had the common mildew issue of front loaders after beginning to use this detergent. Other users have said that the detergent made some of the clothes fade. Again, priced at only $15 for 100 loads, I’m not surprised to hear this. However, you can rest assured that you’d be doing your part to keep the environment and your baby safe.


For the best detergent for cloth diapers, if your little one’s skin and the well-being of the environment are at the top of your priorities, than any of these three options should work for you. However, it should be noted that they each come with their pros and cons. Here’s a quick summary to recap what each detergent has to offer. Prior to having my baby, I thought I would have to use a baby specific detergent. However, according to, that isn’t the case. They report that most parents simply toss their baby’s clothes in with the rest of the family’s laundry without causing any problems. That’s why all of the detergents I have reviewed can be used for the entire family compared to products such as Dreft which are baby specific.

Hopefully by using the same detergent for the entire family, you can have some cost savings when it comes to doing the laundry. Whatever choice you make, you want to be sure to keep your child safe. recommends avoiding fabric softeners and antistatic products because they can irritate your baby’s skin. They also warn parents against using bleach regularly because it can cause a yeast infection. Yikes! Thankfully all of the products reviewed in this post don’t have any of those harmful agents. Be sure to stop by Amazon to learn more about these items and see if you can get a good deal. Happy shopping!

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