Shaming The Mom-Shamers

Published: June 25, 2017


Moms who are victims of mom-shaming (so basically all moms) enjoyed a little validation this week with a Mashable article that completely called everybody out, from complete strangers to healthcare providers. It broke down a study on the topic (yes, the epidemic has actually merited academic research) and it pretty much confirms what many of us already know all too well.

I remember recently posting about mom-shaming on Facebook and expecting an outpouring of support. Instead, aside from a couple of lukewarm comments, I received mostly crickets. Weeks later I ran into an acquaintance who was about to give me adviceĀ on something, but softened it with something like “I know you hate unsolicited advice.” Now I had friends whose opinions I DO care about hesistant to share with me! I explained that I didn’t mind it when she does it (because she’s not a total jerk about it).

Then to my sheer joy, I was tagged to the Mashable article by another Facebook friend, somebody who hasn’t interacted on my page (or IRL) in years, but who had been listening the entire time. So maybe I have more support than I think I have.

But, like any mom who’s been shamed knows (so basically all moms), it doesn’t really matter what people think anyway. You just gotta do you.

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