3 Popular Ways To Boost Baby Visual Stimulation

Published: December 7, 2016


high contrast toys for baby visual stimulation

Babies cannot focus enough to truly distinguish colors until they’re around six months old. They’re only able to focus on high contrasts – like black and white – and then some bold colors, primarily red. That’s why you need specific high contrast toys to maximize baby visual stimulation.

Here are 3 of the top high contrast baby toys on the market (that are perfect for baby registries!):

It’s fantastic that toy manufacturers are putting their creative minds to work in creating visually stimulating toys for babies. These high contrast toys are guaranteed to not only get your child’s attention, but to enhance baby visual stimulation. And, most of all, they’re a lot of fun! Be sure to add these to your Amazon registry. Want to learn more about developmental toys? Check out these tummy time playmat recommendations!

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