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Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz! is where I geek out on all things mom life, baby gear and more. The phrase “baby brain” intrigues me because your brain really does change when you become a mother. While I’ve encountered some who think “baby brain” is a myth, others watch in amusement as I try to unlock doors that are already unlocked and forget which side of the building I parked. Maybe it’s a scientific phenomenon or maybe we’re just distracted with The Momness. Either way, rather than be ashamed, I’m reclaiming “baby brain”. You bet I have a baby brain – loud and proud!

How I Got Here

I became a mother for the first time in January 2017 at the age of 35. Having suffered complications from preeclampsia it was quite an adventure from the get-go. After 12 weeks of maternity leave, I returned to the workforce and with the help of my amazing family. I miss my dear daughter every day, but know that (for me) keeping my career alive makes me a better mother. Not to mention it’s the economic reality we live in today (but that’s for another post on another day).

Where I’m Going

I’m going to continue to enjoy the adventure of being a new mom with a career that excites me. Every day gets harder and better at the same time as I watch my daughter meet new milestones and I find better ways to get things done. Whether it’s giving up on the idea that I’ll ever be perfect or learning to enjoy the special moments, trying to figure out how to be a mother is the most rewarding journey I’ve ever had.

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