Top 10 Gifts Busy Moms Want This Year

Published: September 18, 2017


top 10 gifts busy moms

As a new, working mother of a baby girl, I steal moments of pleasure when I can. In fact, I had to sell my soul to get the time to write this article intro. My husband is currently trying to entertain her and I’m just waiting for her to lose her mind, but it’s good experience for daddy!

It’s no lie that mothers tend to carry a lot of the load, and not all of us have adequate support. That’s why it’s extra important to treat them whenever you get the chance. If you’re trying to treat that special mother in your life, read on for some top gifts for busy moms. Got a new mom in your life? Be sure to check out these gift picks for new moms!


Instant Pot

Seriously – if that busy mom in your life hasn’t discovered the Instant Pot yet, resolve that immediately. One of my favorite features is being able to cook meat straight from the freezer without having to stand in front of the oven. I just drop it in the pot and walk away. This also saves me the trouble of having to plan ahead what I need to thaw out. There’s also just a ton of simple, easy and incredibly yummy things you can make with it. Put it this way: I went from barely cooking pre-baby to cooking multiple times a week with a baby. If your mom has already discovered the IP, make sure she’s outfitted with all the necessary accessories.


Gift Cards

“It was so relaxing going to the mall and trying on clothes while the kids sat there patiently”…said no mother ever! I don’t remember the last time I was able to go shopping. I don’t ever get time away and I certainly don’t get a relaxing shopping trip searching for clothes. I absolutely LOVE when I get gift cards. Some people think that gift cards are “lame” and “lazy.” To a busy mom, this is an amazing gift. This means we get new and awesome stuff but we don’t have to go anywhere. I would love gift cards to Amazon, Target or other retailers. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep up with all of the latest trends.



Hey, we are women. We love chocolate. I could eat chocolate every single day and never get bored. I find it incredibly relaxing to open up a bag of M&M’s after the kids go to bed and catch up on the latest shows. Every mom would love some chocolate. I promise, you will be their new favorite person.


Spa Certificate

A day at the spa! The best gift for mom is often removing mom from the house! Get her out! A gift certificate to a spa treatment is a time where she can go and not think about anything else but herself. Most moms feel very overwhelmed and stretched thin. Any mom would be happy to be given a chance to go take care of themselves.


Free Babysitting

Most moms I know would cry tears of joy if somebody did this for them. If somebody handed then a handmade coupon that said that they would baby sit their children for free then, they would totally give them the biggest hug in the world. Mom really just needs a “time out” sometimes and that would be a great gift.


Bath Stuff

I LOVE baths! I love them. I loved them even more in my third trimester and it just permanently became a thing. Being a mom keeps you moving all day and by the end of the day you just want to relax. The best part is bathing isn’t exactly optional, so it’s a great way to steal some relaxation time doing something you have to do anyway. But here’s the thing – if possible, try to find out what the mom in mind already uses. Everyone has that favorite thing and scents are such a subjective thing. For example, if you spied on me you would find Energy body wash by Bath & Body Works along with a bunch of others from their aromatherapy line.



Pre-Prepped Meal

Dinner time is sometimes mom’s last thought, until it is too late. There are some days that I am so caught up in their life that I forget to plan dinner. And so I then have to come up with something real quick and often its microwave hot dogs with a side of Ketchup. I would love if somebody came and dropped off a meal for me that I could just throw in the oven. If you were to show up with a meal for a family that would be a complete load taken off her shoulders that she won’t even be able to express in words how grateful she is. If somebody did this to me I would say “thank you” and then right when they closed the door I would just sob out of pure shock and love for that person.


At Home Date Night Kit

I got one of these before and it was amazing! So in the kit there was a comfy blanket, a movie, popcorn and candy. It allowed my husband and me to watch a new movie we hadn’t seen and enjoy time together while the kids were to sleep. This is also something you can put together yourself, getting together mom and dad’s favorite things.


Pajama Pants

Raise your hands if you don’t like pajama pants. This is literally the first thing I change into as soon as I get home from work. It’s another thing you want to spy on before stocking up on. In my case, if my husband were to spy on me he’d find pajama pants from Avenue in assorted prints and Ava & Viv tank tops from Target.



I hope that these gift ideas helped you decide what you wanted to give a busy mom. Busy moms are very tired and so anything you give her she will feel very loved and wanted. When giving a gift to a mom it really is the thought that counts and she will be so happy you even thought of her. Be sure to also check out what every new mom needs and what to get new parents!


Hey busy moms! What would you want somebody to give you as a gift?

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