What Does A New Mom Want For Christmas?

Published: September 18, 2017


what does a new mom want for christmas

Shortly after I had my baby in January, my mother was swinging by for a visit. I remember a huge gift bag she brought full of goodies. There were onesies for my baby girl, and there was a Starbucks gift card for me among many other surprises (like gas money for me hidden in my baby’s first piggy bank!). What did all these gifts have in common? They were just so incredibly thoughtful – I opened that bag thinking “Yes – yes! She gets it!”

That’s my advice for anyone shopping for new moms this Christmas – go for that “yes – yes she gets it!” factor. The inclination for a lot of people is to get new moms something that they specifically will enjoy, not stuff for the baby. However, when you’re in the throes of new motherhood, it’s nice to have a little of both. Here are a few things I totally wouldn’t have minded getting for Christmas in those first few months of my baby girl’s life. Be sure to also check out what every new mom needs and what to get new parents for Christmas!


Baby Carrier

“If you have any other carrier, you have the wrong carrier.” Almost every mom says this about their favorite carrier. I’m going to have to say they all have their merits. My first wrap was the Boba wrap, and it was a miracle to be able to get stuff done around the house with my little girl nuzzled so close to me. I ultimately settled on the Baby K’Tan, which you can quickly pull over like a T-shirt (I wasn’t a fan of all the crazy tying you have to do with the Boba). If you’re concerned about the ergonomics of yourself and/or baby, you also may consider the Ergo baby.


Baby Swing

As much as moms would love to hold their baby all of the time that is just not ideal. But, most babies will not be okay with being put down. So, the best option is putting baby in a swing. If you’re thinking “woah Nelly, I don’t have that kind of budget”, check out my top affordable swing picks. If you’re looking to splurge, I’m a big fan of the Graco Swing and Sway. (I literally exclaimed “this swing is dope” when I opened it at my baby shower. And it totally is.



I told my husband that this year if anyone wants to surprise me for Christmas, buy me a giant fishbowl and fill it up with my daughter’s favorite pacifiers. I don’t know where all of the pacifiers go, but they disappear! The trick to gifting these is to find out which kind the baby uses. For example, my daughter started on Philips Avent pacifiers, but lost interest when we moved up to the older sizes. Now she’s all about MAM pacifiers.


Gift Cards

That new mom won’t be able to go shopping or leave the home for a little bit. In fact, some moms are even afraid to leave their home with such a small baby at first. Although she is stuck inside, mom is still going to want to shop. Buying a new mom (or any mom for that matter) a gift card where she can purchase items online would be a great option. Don’t ever think that gift cards are lame. Gift cards are dope! Just like baby swings!


Mommy Incidentals

When moms are starting to nurse they get an overflow of milk. They leak all of the time. ALL THE TIME! If I didn’t wear nursing pads and there was a “let-down” it would start leaking through my shirt. Talk about embarrassing. Although these are essential to the breastfeeding mother, they can be really expensive and they add up. Personal incidentals like this aren’t lame gifts – they actually make a huge difference! If you’re too afraid to ask what mommy needs, go the ol’ gift card route!


Good Movies/TV Shows

When you have a newborn you find yourself having a baby who gets their days and nights mixed up. While they are in the womb they usually are awake when you are sleeping (because you are sitting still) and then they are sleeping while you are moving around. These kids take about a month to get back on track. During this time, mom is staying up while their baby is awake. I watched more television series during those late nights and those early mornings than I ever have in my life. Give her the gift of Netflix or Amazon Prime – either will provide endless hours of streaming entertainment. The bonus? When baby’s old enough, she will appreciate the kids shows!

How To Give Amazon Prime As A Gift



It comes at no surprise that chocolate is on this list. Buy that poor new mommy some chocolate. New moms are dealing with a new baby, recovery from their first birthing experience, postpartum mood swings, and leaky breasts. It comes at no surprise that most moms go through some sort of depression. Chocolate is about the only thing we can have that relaxes us but won’t mess up our milk!


A new mom is just seeking help. She wants people to recognize that she is going through quite the transition and she so desperately wants to just feel a little more at ease. With all that in mind, anything that’s going to help her feel better or be better equipped to care for her baby is going to be a big win in her book! Don’t be shy – find out what she really needs and be a hero this Christmas! Got any busy moms in your life? Be sure to also check out these gift picks for busy moms!

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